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Non-exhaustive list of tasks we have been working on recently.

We have 545 contacts under a LinkedIn search that we need data for (see attachment). We would like to compile Company Name, Job Title, First Name, Last Name, City, State, Email Address and Phone Number.

Find telephone numbers for a list of 1,343 contacts (list attached).

I am working at a virtual reality company. Need a list of tradeshows for these two subjects:
1) gaming, virtual reality and consumer goods
2) real estate, house trading/renting
List should include dates, location, main subject of the fair and exhibition products and any other comments or relevant info.

Lead generation of companies in NW Indiana that use temporary staffing services. Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution or other. Within 20-mile range of Hammond, Indiana Decision Makers, HR Name, title, company, address, and emails.

See attachment. Create two separate excel files: one for each link below. Data entry the comment forms. Create the following columns: First Name Last Name Company Name Title Email title each excel file so we can tell which is which. If their email is illegible, try looking them up online to see if you can find it. Last, make a connection to each person on my LinkedIn page. Send a friend invite via Facebook. Follow them on Twitter (if you can find them).

Please see the contact list attached. Can you find email addresses for the first 1000 on the list.

Connect to all the people provided on the screen shots (sent in separate email) on LinkedIn. Thanks.

Find 100 websites with useful info about London or companies based in London with accommodation information website page and add to Google sheet. I’m looking for a freelancer that can research websites that meet specific requirements and SEO metrics using basic search operators in Google/other search engines.

Research the CRM software www.getbase.com. Does 'Base' integrate with Evernote and/or Google Docs? Are there any project management software solutions which Base will integrate with? how popular is Base as a CRM? Is it likely to be popular and serviced for a long time? (I don't want to switch to a CRM which quits getting updated or, even worse, shut down.)

Try to find demographic (and any other relevant) data on these three segments (focus on USA)
-Early stage start-up entrepreneurs
-Graduate students
-Young professionals

Try to find a database with United Kingdom phone numbers of UK residents in the age range of 45-65. Such a database will probably not be available for free. In that case research where such a database could be bought (provide different options) and how much this would cost for each option.

Looking for the lead names (first & last), company name, titles, phone numbers, email addresses, city (as listed on LinkedIn) for the attached LinkedIn search.

Please copy all email addresses which you find for the approx. 5,000 companies listed in this directory (take the email addresses directly from the directory): If no email address is provided for a certain company in the directory, then just leave them out.

Download the World Value Survey Wave 6. Create a list of all countries considered in the Wave 6. Now, go to Wave 5 and download again the data. Create again a list of all countries considered. Compare the two country lists. Make a list of (i) countries considered in Wave 6, but not Wave 5 and (ii) countries considered in Wave 5, but not Wave 6.

Accomplish this task as outlined in attached pptx file. Switch of Database from Daylite 6 to Insightly. Let me know which accounts you need access to. Also, will grant access to computer remotely as required. Thanks!

Attached is a PDF of desk arrangements in a room. There is also a blank template in excel form and a list of students, also in excel. I need the names of the students in the open blocks (desk position) on the seating. Format for names to be LAST, first or LAST, first initial if too long.

Please download data on worldwide meat consumption/agriculture for the following countries and put it in a excel file (make sure you structure the data in a nice and logical way): USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Norway, China, Russia.

Research the kickstarter project “The Veronica Mars Movie Project”. I want a list over all the websites that has written about this campaign, both the ones who have linked to it (which I think will be most of them) but also the ones who have written about it and not included a link to it. I also wish to have a list over twitter accounts and possible facebook pages who have written about it and linked to it if possible.

Website test. Please test my website. To complete the order please just use the Name "Tasko". Please use different browsers and mobile devices. Please list the bugs and things you don't like. What would you change?

Our language learning app team is looking for a freelancer to provide visual clues to words and expressions taught in the game. Visual clues are in the form of pictures, that pop up in a card when the player makes progress in the game. The job is to find pictures to the given words and check that the copyrights and licenses allow the usage of the pictures in a commercial application.

Write handwritten notes into Word (see attachment)

I have pages of handwritten notes for cases I would like digitized. Rudimentary drawings can be copied and inserted. Please put in WORD format. Preserve spacing of topics. Wherever not sure about a word highlighted in yellow. Wherever you cannot determine word put [TEXT].

Enter the data into an excel file with the following fields: First Name: Last Name: Email: Data is attached.

Data entry task: Get data from website, put it into an excel sheet (see attachment)

Create two separate excel files: one for each link below. Data entry the comment forms. Create the following columns: First Name Last Name Company Name Title Email title each excel file so we can tell which is which. If their email is illegible, try looking them up online to see if you can find it. Last, make a connection to each person on my LinkedIn page. Send a friend invite via Facebook. Follow them on Twitter (if you can find them).

I want to build a list over cancelled TV shows, with different information. I already have a list of 963 cancelled tv shows, and for that I want the following data collected: IMDB ID, IMDB url, TV.com url for the particular show, wikipedia url for the particular show, tvseriesfinale.com url for the particular show, original aired from date and to date (best to find in the wikipedia article).

For an industrial report I’m searching for information regarding: Which EU firms, governments and/or R&D organizations are involved in cooperation projects with Japan?

Search for start-up incubators, start-up accelerators and similar programs in the USA.

Need to prepare internal audit checklist for general practices in the manufacturing industry, something in the lines of attached sheet will be really helpful. Need it as detailed and comprehensive as possible.

Find the most relevant sources/articles describing each of the following trends: Messaging bots, Messaging app's, Gig economy

Identify company acquisition targets in the Safety industry (e.g. selling of safety devices).

List of potential PAID internship opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries in South America (so not Brazil), in the fields of social and / or ecological entrepreneurship, i.e. any sort of company that has a social or environmentally conscious component in their mission statement or operations. Not picky about type of industry, e.g. renewable energy companies, finance institutions (giving microcredits), Fairtrade businesses in consumer goods, incubators, accelerators, ... are all acceptable.

Find online shops which are focused on selling security devices (e.g. home alarm system). What are the strengths of these shops? What are weaknesses?

I would like to know the approximate market size of online sales of cannabis related items (growing equipment and supplies; irrigation systems, lighting, etc... pipes, dispensers, etc.). Who are the top 5 major players and how big are they (company names, locations, websites)?

Compile a list in excel with links to relevant articles which explain/write about how to do startup valuations.

How does www.mfg.com work? Is this site useful for product development? Why is it useful or why not?

Can I get a comprehensive list in excel with all the online weather channels in the world that have an API to access?

Need an excel spreadsheet containing, names, addresses, and recent credit scores of residents of the 90036-zip code (that's in Los Angeles, USA).

Analyze four main competitors (names communicated via phone): Find out about - Pricing, - Exact offering, - Customer onboarding process, and - Any other relevant information.

For our NGO, we need to find apps that automatically upload photos taken with the Camera app on an Android phone to Google Drive

We want you to find webpages type information directory / information platform / information database. The webpage must contain information of the above-mentioned industries. The webpage must contain the information for at least 1000 companies. Industries: Communication Equipment, Digital Maps, Position Sensors.

Find 3-5 Android apps that allow for audio teleconferences with 10-20 users in low-bandwidth settings. Do not include Google Hangouts or Skype. Consider WhatsApp and Viber but add at least three more apps that we don't know yet. Please add information on performance in low-bandwidth settings, ideally test reviews.

Go through the largest platforms for sending mobile airtime (cell phone credit). Provide a Google Sheet with the following results for a 2000 Naira transfer to a Nigerian MTN number. The objective is to find the airtime service that offers the best exchange rate.

Hi, I want to take your help in planning a Road Trip (with car) in the first week of August 2016 in the USA.

I'm looking for travel buddies (who are 21-28 years of age) wanting to travel to South America (Mexico or Brazil or Argentina etc), duration is 10 days, starting in August 2016

Please research the European Virtual Reality (VR) market. Special interest lies on Virtual Reality cases/equipment. Can you find online/offline stores which are focused on VR or VR equipment? If so, where are they located?

Analyze the Sharing Economy in Australia.

Expand the excel list (which you find in the attachment) by the following info for each company:
-No. of employees
-Annual revenue (2015 or 2014)
-Who invested in these companies (e.g. name of Venture Capitalist firm or private investor)
-Names of founders and current CEO

Indian sugarcane market analysis (see details attached)

CHIA SEEDS (Salvia hispanica): I would like information about Chia Seeds, particularly its agricultural growth cycle, its consumption method, and also details about its largest producers/EXPORTERS in the world.

I am planning a trip to California, (including San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, etc etc). I am working on a few projects and I am very interested in getting to know the startup scene there. The task is a list of conferences, campus visits schedules (Google, Facebook, others), startup events, contests, entrepreneurial meetings and pretty much any event occurring in August (mainly on the two first weeks). The task is too make a table with all this information organized (including the links). Thank you very much for the help.

You find the names of approx. 30 investment companies/private investors in the excel file which is attached. Please create a list in excel which contains further information about each of those investment companies/private investors.“

I would like to have a global overview of successful and most efficient small scale drop irrigation systems in agriculture that are well functioning in practice. It is about solutions for small and poor subsistence farmers, with limited access to resources. (I am not talking about large scale farming enterprises or agro business.)

List of UK bank options for non-UK citizens.

Create an easy-to-understand but yet comprehensive information on (1) the industry value chain of aqua farming/aquaculture and (2) a value chain analysis example of fish farming.

Look into import/export requirements for countries involved in the TPP, as well as to and from the EU.

Please research the European market for robotic (home) products for personal use (not industrial use). Can you find online/offline stores which are entirely focused on robotic products for personal use, in the different European countries? If so, where are they located? What kind of products do they sell?.

You find the logos of 23 companies in the screen shot attached. Please create a company list in excel.

Assess the demand from Chinese end-consumers for Swiss quality hand-tools.

Search for start-up incubators, start-up accelerators and similar programs in Switzerland, Germany and France.

Research 'Solar Home Systems/Solar Battery Storage Solutions' for the 'Bottom of the Pyramid' (BoP)

Research socially conscious/fair trade producers/organizations in India and South America.

I need to find resources online that can find investors from different industries who want to buy-out companies. Is there an online classified portal where companies can put themselves up for sale for the purpose of "meet and match" with potential buyers? List at least 5 online portals of sorts.

There's a growing trend in conscious nutrition. I would like a PowerPoint presentation which discusses the increasing trends in healthy eating, particularly of 'superfoods', popular foods which have been advertised and marketed as having superior or greater nutritional value that most commonplace foods.

Please research on the topic of "Growth Hacking" and compile an excel file with links to the most interesting articles and youtube videos.

I need information (white papers, studies, books, articles) for the following topics:
-Challenges in Transitional Software Outsourcing
-Best Practice for Knowledge Transfer / Knowledge Management in Software Projects
-How to switch a Software Project from one Development Team to another

Please give me an overview of media articles and press releases concerning political critique on the European court of human rights.

I need to collect some data for one of my projects. The requirement is as attached; I need some numbers relating to "Backpack" manufacturers and users in the United States.

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