• What kind of tasks can you do for me?
  • Tasko is your one-stop solution for digital tasks. Tasks that we get typically fall into one of the following categories:

    • Online research & data entry
    • Admin & marketing support
    • Tech
    • Graphical content
    • Written content

    Here you can find an overview of our most popular services.

  • How can I submit a task?
    • Choose a suggested task or customize your own task with your own wording. A simple and intuitive form will appear – now you can submit your task request in 3 easy steps:
    • Step 1 – Enter task details
      • Enter task description
      • Add an attachment (if you want)
      • Tell us how many hours to work on your task (workload)
      • Choose Standard or Express Delivery
    • Step 2 – Confirm and submit
    • Step 3 – Pay with our secure payment system

    Tasko takes your task immediately and replies to you confirming the task deliverables, within hours.

  • How long can a task be?
  • We usually handle tasks that take from 10 – 2,500 hours. But we can do longer tasks/projects too.

    If you have a task or project that requires more time, please e-mail us at sales@tasko.co. We will be happy to discuss the details with you.

    We do have a minimum workload for the tasks that depends on task category:

    • Online research & data entry: 10 hours
    • Admin & marketing support: 5 hours
    • Tech: 2 hours
    • Graphical content: 2.5 hours
    • Written content: 2.5 hours

  • How quickly can you deliver?
  • Turnaround time depends on task category and chosen delivery time (standard/express). Click here to see turnaround times for different task categories.

    You are not sure into which category your task falls? Reach out to us via live chat or email (contact@tasko.co) – we will get back to you immediately.

  • How is Tasko different from other task outsourcing and freelancer platforms?
  • Tasko offers full-service:
    1. All you have to do is submit the task in a few clicks on our website.
    2. Tasko will select the right Taskee(s) for your job.
    3. Tasko communicates with the Taskee(s) throughout the whole work process.
    4. Tasko ensures that your task is delivered on time and meets your expectations (every task goes through our iterative internal quality check).
    Moreover, we do all this at a very competitive price.
  • How does Tasko ensure quality?
    • Tasks are being managed on two levels:
    • Taskee-level: Only pre-selected Taskees from our pool of qualified freelancers work on the tasks.
    • QC-level: QC managers are constantly reviewing the Taskee’s work during the task completion process and intervene if necessary. Eventually, before sending the final work to the customer, the QC team performs a final review and improves the task where necessary.

    QC managers and Taskees are assisted by certain guidelines/manuals, workflows and tech tools.

    Having these systems and structures in place, in combination with a rigorous recruitment process, we’re satisfying and often exceeding our customers’ expectations (Our refund rate is below 0.5% till date!).

  • How does Tasko calculate the price?
  • You either select a task with a fixed price (e.g. 100 B2B leads for $49 ) or tell us how many hours you want Tasko to work on your task. In the latter case, number of hours will be multiplied by our hourly rates:
    • Online research & data entry: $5/hour
    • Admin & marketing support: $10/hour
    • Tech: $25/hour
    • Graphical content: $20/hour
    • Written content: $20/hour

    If you opt for an express delivery (speed x2), then your final price will be multiplicated by factor 2.

    • You submit a task with a workload of 15 hours and choose standard delivery time for a task falling in the category “Online research & data entry”. It will cost you $75 (15 hours x $5/hour).
    • You submit a task with a workload of 2 hours and standard delivery time in the category “Tech”. It will cost you $50 (2 hours x $25/hour).
    • You submit a task with a workload of 6 hours and express delivery time in the category “Admin & marketing support”. It will cost you $120 (6 hours x $10/hour) x 2 (express delivery charges).

    You are not sure into which category your task falls? Reach out to us via live chat or email (contact@tasko.co) – we will get back to you immediately.

  • You let the user select the number of hours needed to complete the task – does this really work?
  • Yes, it does!

    You can help us speed up the whole process. The clearer instructions and expectations and more accurate estimation of the total workload, the quicker Tasko can confirm the task and start working on it.

    In some cases we may have to contact you to clarify certain things before we can confirm your task request. If we think that we cannot meet your expectations because you calculated the workload in hours too optimistically, then we will communicate with you BEFORE we confirm the task request. We will immediately start working on the task (as soon as you agree to the adjustments of workload). If you aren’t okay with our proposal, you will receive an immediate refund.

    For longer/unusual tasks it might make sense to first communicate with us via live chat or email (contact@tasko.co) to figure out number of hours we’ll need to complete the work.

  • When do I have to pay?
  • Our current payment model requires you to pay upon submission of task request.

    In the rare case of us not being able to take up your task, we will let you know within hours after submission of task request and immediately refund your payment.

  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the delivered task? Can I get a refund?
  • Of course. There are three possible cases for a refund:
    1. If for some reason Tasko cannot take up your task, we will let you know within hours after submission of task request and immediately refund your payment.
    2. If for some reason you are not satisfied and desire your money back, please let us know why the task has not met your expectations. If we see that what we have delivered lacks in quality, then you will receive – depending on the case – an immediate full or partial refund. No worries, over 99.5% of tasks which we’ve delivered met or exceeded quality expectations.
    3. If for some reason your task is not delivered on time (this hasn’t happened till date), you get an immediate 100% refund. You still receive the task – but you will not be charged.
  • Who is working on the tasks?
  • Tasko works with selected freelancers (our Taskees) from around the world – with a focus on talents from emerging markets.
  • Can I submit a task in another language than English?
  • Unfortunately, for the time-being we can only accept tasks in English.

    Soon we plan to expand our services for German speakers.

    Stay tuned.

  • Who is Tasko?
  • TASKO is a Swiss-Indian startup.

    You can learn more about us here.

  • Didn’t find your question here? Ask us via support@tasko.co, we will be happy to help!

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