Client Story of JabaTalks and Mark

JabaTalks gives every résumé a voice; it is an automated voice interview platform that provides hiring teams with insight into each candidate’s soft skills and transferable experiences at the earliest stage of the hiring process! In markets where the candidate’s CV is either insufficient or non-existent, JabaTalks combines the job application with a first-round phone screen. JabaTalks’ unique approach to candidate experience maximizes candidate engagement and helps companies increase their qualified applicant pools by up to 400%.

How was JabaTalks invented?

Many companies experience dissatisfaction with current recruitment procedures. When a CV is either non-existent or insufficient, recruiters are often forced to call the majority of applicants. However, with so many applicants, it can often take weeks to just engage a candidate, at which point many have already been hired. JabaTalks’ co-founders Mark and Geoff noticed this issue, and they created JabaTalks to offer both hiring managers and candidates a better recruitment process.

Several years ago, JabaTalks was at a more simplified stage, yet Mark and Geoff had already successfully made improvements to the recruitment process. They created a procedure which allowed hiring managers to pick eight outstanding candidates from a pool of 300, and the timeline for such an operation was reduced from three months to three weeks. In April 2016, Mark and Geoff assumed full-time positions at JabaTalks and began further developing the platform with the intention of providing every candidate with a better opportunity to find the job they deserve and desire.

What makes JabaTalks unique?

Through continued focus on client’s needs and candidate’s experience, JabaTalks gives companies the opportunity to efficiently evaluate a talented and diverse candidate pool, while significantly reducing candidate review time and costs.

JabaTalks’ unique focus on candidate experience allows the platform to work across markets where previous automated interview platforms have failed. By focusing on interview distribution, platform engagement, and the candidate journey, JabaTalks is able to engage 75 – 95% of candidates across the hourly and entry-level workforce.

Who is Mark Veevers-Carter?

Mark began his career in finance after graduating from Vanderbilt University it 2013. Prior to starting JabaTalks, Mark worked across a number of financial institutions focusing on the distressed debt and real estate markets. As both an applicant and manager, Mark recognized the pain points at both ends of the application process were created because there were few universal solutions that addressed the top of the candidate application funnel. Hiring managers were annoyed because they had to review hundreds of applicants with limited information, while candidates were constantly being overlooked because hiring managers did not have an effective and efficient way to review them.

What’s Mark’s role at the company?

As the CEO of JabaTalks, Mark overseas the day-to-day operations of JabaTalks and focuses his time on product development, customer success and workforce development initiatives.

Mark’s goal is to provide every candidate with the best chance of landing full-time employment through creating a better experience for hiring managers and candidates alike.

How does Mark know Tasko?

JabaTalks and Tasko connected in Lisbon, Portugal, thanks to Web Summit: a technology conference held annually since 2009. This conference unites executives and founders of tech startups.

How was Tasko able to assist JabaTalks?

According to Mark, Tasko was able to help JabaTalks in a handful of ways. Overall, Tasko completed tedious yet important and necessary tasks. This includes obtaining research data for outside businesses, conducting marketing research, locating contacts through LinkedIn, collecting information based on resources available, organizing contact lists etc.

What was JabaTalks’ experience like, using Tasko services?

Mark views Tasko as a continuation and an extension of JabaTalks’ office. Along with the competitive price (starting at 5 dollars per hour) and the simple and smooth user experience (customers simply need to upload their tasks to Tasko’s website), Mark mentioned that Tasko is an incredible outsourcing platform which gets those tedious tasks done, worry-free.

Meanwhile, Mark made sure to note that Tasko’s dedicated project managers are very responsive and patient. Mark mentioned — great things are not meant to be kept; they are to be shared! As an indispensable tool in Mark’s business, Tasko has already been recommended to his friends and colleagues!

We would like to thank Mark for giving us the chance to interview him regarding JabaTalks’ collaboration with Tasko. It has been great to closely follow JabaTalks’ progress on their path to revolutionizing the hiring industry. We wish JabaTalks all the very best and look forward to their next tasks.