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Co-founder of Peeradvice, Switzerland
“ We love working with Tasko. Tasko completes online research tasks within a very short time and with perfect quality. Due to the extremely low price you pay to get your tasks done, Tasko is the perfect choice for a startup like peeradvice to outsource tasks. “
Director of Customer Success at JabaTalks, USA
“ Tasko recently compiled a list of 50 potential leads for us, 6 out of the 50 signed up for our demo! Tasko has been an extremely useful tool to us - especially for such Marketing research tasks. We view them as an extension of our office and task out a variety of business processes. They create a great customer experience and we really appreciate their communication and thoroughness. “
Founder of TrainerPush, USA
“ Tasko helped get me organize and pin point a few tasks i don't thoroughly enjoy doing, such as findings leads online. I plan on dedicating monthly hours in 2017​, so I can focus on the mission of growing my business. They are my taskomigos! “
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